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The oldest of five siblings, Don Mewha grew up in suburban Philadelphia.  With a full house, books were one of the few places to escape, which led to frequent visits to anywhere from Middle Earth, to  Coruscant, to Maycomb, Alabama throughout his formative years.

After studying Political Science at Penn State University, Don embarked on his professional life, which naturally had nothing to do with his college major, but left plenty of time to act as an editor and member of a variety of collaborative writing projects over the next decade and a half.

He is a member of the Maryland Writers' Association, a frequent attendee of local writing conventions and workshops, and currently lives just outside of Washington, DC with his wife, children, and too many cats.


Bishop's Crossing - Into the Shadows

Fyresyde Publishing, Winter 2021

It’s been thirteen years since Jason Bishop witnessed his father murder his mother and sister.  Plenty of time for him to abandon the seminary, discover the supernatural world, build a reputation, find love, lose love, then leave his old life behind to try to win his love back.  But when the daughter of the Voodoo King of New Orleans is kidnapped, the modern remnants of the Knights Templar make Bishop an offer he can’t refuse: stop a mystical gang war or leave his own daughter vulnerable to their draconian brand of justice.

Reconnecting with Ava Dufrense, a succubi torch singer and his former flame as well as his old friends and enemies, Bishop navigates the twists and turns of the occult New Orleans that he left behind,  uncovering the machinations of a cult with him in their crosshairs. Racing against the clock, he needs to stop an all-out war from breaking out between a voodoo cult and the city’s vampires, all while a fanatical madman threatens to destroy his personal life.


Imaginarium: The Lost Heir(s)

Work in Progress

The Imaginarium the realm where imagination breathes life into our fantastical dreams  It’s the place where fae dance in mushroom circles by midnight, where trolls live under bridges, awaiting hapless travelers, where hungry wolves prowl dark forests, and where vampires rule over frightened villages from their cold manses.

But the Imaginarium's Kingdom of Shadows, something is amiss. Ruled by Lord Gabriel, the treacherous former captain of the king’s guard, the kingdom has fallen into darkness.  Gabriel betrayed the rightful king and queen and now seeks to secure his rule by killing the Heir of the House of Drake, the rightful rulers. Poor Albert just wanted to pass Algebra.

After surviving an attempt on his life, Albert teams up with his friend Pedro and Olivia, a child soldier sent from the imagination to protect him. The three intend to try to fulfill the prophecy and put a stop to Gabriel’s rule. Back home, Albert’s twin sister Becca has to escape a house fire intended to kill Albert, join up with a pair of juvenile delinquent werewolves named Dodger and Tessa, free a dwarvish king from his prison, and go save her stupid brother before he gets himself killed.


Other Work

Short Stories

If you're interested in reading any of my short fiction, please take a look at ReedsyPrompts.


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